We are a Mexican company that offers a lifestyle in fullness, so that through its own challenges you can live in love, abundance, and comfort.



To build a company with kindness, national and internationally recognized for the excellent quality service and products.


Our main commitment is to generate abundance in our affiliates. The company focuses on their people, their professional and economical growth so they can feel the pleasure of living the best life has to offer.


Our success is equivalent to the dedication of people, that is why we work to make their own businesses easy and pleasant. The confidence and quality of our job is based in integrity, respect, loyalty, discipline, and determination.


Become your own boss and star your business

Wholesaler Price

40% immediate discount of the catalog price (payment and with your discount will be added the tax according to your city).



Corporate prices
The affiliate can reach 50% discount of the catalog price, the entire volume of purchases of 4,500 points. This volume can be accumulated:

A) In 1 single purchase of 4,500 points accumulated during 1 month.

B) In 2 consecutive periods.

C) In 3 consecutive periods.

Once this goal is achieved, you will attain the level of Entrepreneur.

Network gain is remunerated to the distributors, whether they are in the Wholesale or Entrepreneur levels. This is a discount percentage is based on the volume of orders completed by their distributors in descending line down to three generations for each period, which counts from the first to the last day of the month.

Build a network of people winning and you will win.

The amount is a 5% or 10% (Business Price), according to the case, if you are in the first generation, 5% (Business Price) for the second and third generation, no matter the discount they already have.

Note: To generate this payment, two conditions must be met:
1.- That your network has bought products that generate points during the period.
2.- You have covered the minimum of 1,500 points of that period.

This net gain will be issued the second Saturday of each month.

Note: Remember you must fulfill a personal minimum purchase amount, which must be of 1,500 points per period, to access the benefits of your network.

* The percentage will be paid business price (PN).
The minimum business generator payment (PGN) to be transferred from the network is 75 USD (after transfer charge). If it is not that amount, it will accumulate for the next month.

The affiliate will be solely responsible for all of your tax and / or legal obligations incurred in the course of your business as a member of Sheló NABEL®.

The company offers a set of goals where you can win different prices at achieving them. The terms and conditions will vary and will be made of public knowledge with previous anticipation, through our website and social media.


2015 – Living a Natural experience!

  • First session of our group “Proyecto Cumbre de Líderes”.
  • Our groups Ollin and Ohtli reunite again in Santa María del Oro lake.
  • Our group DHAYAL reunites in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
  • We celebrate our annual and successful Gira X Diez.
  • One more city shines brighter with the light of Sheló NABEL with the opening of a Business Center in Monterrey, Nuevo León.
  • La revista Entrepreneur Magazine gives us recognition again. Through a special segment, they distinguish the valuable labor of Sheló NABEL in our society.


To end another year full of success, we finished important proyects, such as:

  • The celebration of 7th Aniversary..
  • The start of the construction of a Premium Business Center in Querétaro city and our Production Plant in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
  • The beginning of the process is USA to star operating in 2016.
  • The delivery of more than 160 late model cars.

2014 – Your smile brings color to your life!

  • We delivered our motivating conferences: “De corazón a corazón” and “Escuela de negocios”.
  • We keep driving the economy of our country with the opening of six Business Centers, now in Ciudad Hidalgo and Uruapan in Michoacán, another one in Mexico City, Ciudad Guzmán and Guadalajara in Jalisco and Hermosillo in Sonora.
  • the idyllic destinations of the Caribbean Sea welcomed our 2014 Cruise.
  • Once again, our Gira X Diez is witness of the success of our leaders.
  • Yuri’s talent enlightened the celebration of our 6th Aniversary.. In this event, two lucky afiliates were give each a late model car.

2013 – Celebrate to live!

  • We keep growing with new Business Centers in La Paz, Baja California, another one in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco; Moroleón and León in Gualajuato and Xalapa, Veracruz.
  • Our leaders group TAHEIMA had their third session.
  • An incredible delivery of more than 40 cars to leaders committed to their dreams.
  • Our very successful Gira X Diez was celebrated for a third time in a row.
  • Mazamitla, Jalisco welcomed again our leaders group DHAYAL.
  • We raised our glasses celebrating five years of success during September, the month where it all begin, toasting for one mission: To transform lives!
  • The beauty of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco welcomed our leaders to celebrate our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY with the company of Pedro Fernández.
  • A brand new car now moves the dreams of a lucky affiliate.

2012 – Live to the fullest!

  • A new light arrives to several cities with the opening of Business Centers: Puebla, Tepic, Mérida, Guadalajara and Morelia. And our first Support Center in Tlajomulco, Jalisco.
  • We accomplish with great success our second Gira X Diez.
  • Our group TAHEIMA reunites again in the magical Santa María del Oro lake.
  • We celebrate the creation of two more groups of leaders, Grupo Ollin and Grupo Ohtil, with Mazamitla, Jalisco as witness of this event.
  • We celebrate with great enthusiasm our FOURTH ANNIVERSARY, in which Yahir captivated us with his passion and talent.
  • Once again, we delivered a late model car to a couple of lucky and successful leaders.



2011 – With your light, we shine brighter!

  • The effort of our leaders in Querétaro gets recognition with the opening of their Business Center.
  • Full of enthusiasm and commitment, our leaders participate in the successful Gira X Diez.
  • We celebrate the creation of the first group of leaders TAHEIMA in the beautiful beaches of Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit.
  • With excitement, we traveled through Panamá. Congratulations, champions!
  • We celebrated our THIRD ANNIVERSARY, where Coque Muñíz charmed everyone with his light and great talent, making us sing along to his performance.
  • For the first time, we rewarded our affiliates giving away a late model car in a raffle.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine gave us recognition as one of the best 1,500 business opportunities and one of the 250 best home-based businesses.

2010 – We keep growing. Fly away!


  • The inauguration of our first Business Center in San Luis Potosí.
  • We sail through the beautiful waters of the Mexican Pacific in our first cruise.
  • With great satisfaction, we began operating in our new and biggest Operational Center Sheló NABEL. We also witness the inauguration of our corporative offices.
  • We had our first Leaders Meeting in Mazamitla, Jalisco.
  • We celebrated our SECOND ANNIVERSARY with the company of Nicho Hinojosa, who delighted everyone until dawn with his talented voice and the chords of his guitar.

2009 – A great beginning!

  • A year of growth to the 200% and great results.
  • We started our first opportunity meetings in different points across the country.
  • We celebrated our first anniversary, a year full of results.
  • Hundreds of affiliates got late model cars thanks to their effort and dedication.
  • We delivered vocational kits to committed leaders.

2008 – Making history

Sheló NABEL, motivating your dreams!

We were born in September 20th, with a bright light, exceeding expectations month after month, enlightening the life of thousands of families that nowadays live to the fullest.




  • Cube II Tower The Cube II tower is now a landmark in the city where Sheló NABEL began, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Located in the zone with more capital gains of the state, it transforms the concept of offices in an intelligent building. With spaces free of columns, it drives an innovative and functional design. With a [...]
  • Sheló NABEL’s 8th anniversary raffle. Segob permission: 20160644PS04 in the presence of inspector Victor Hugo Estrada Sánches, at Sotelo’s Banamex Center in México City. At 10:30 p.m. on November 14th, 2016. 1.- Ticket 1702 prize: Petra Agapito Cabrera 2.- Ticket 0358 prize: Claudia Contreras Sánches Both $50,000 MX Winners!!!

  • INCREDIBLE! That was the most used adjective by our guests to describe the majestic three-day event that we gladly prepared for them. With the firm compromise and determination that we perceived in the qualification months, combined with the important meaning of the number 7, we were committed to offer a weekend worth of true champions.

    Guadalajara, Jal.
  • Forbes is a specialized magazine in the business and financial world. Every year it publishes lists that awake great interest among the business field. In the February issue, the main article was “30 Promising Businesses”.

    Guadalajara, Jal.
  • In Sheló NABEL we are committed with the development of our affiliates to help them reach their goals. This same year we will inaugurate a new landscape of opportunities, giving thousands of people the opportunity to develop their business now in the United States opening our first Business Center in the important city of Los […]